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Sydney museums/attractions

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Guest northshorepom

Had my brother here for a few days over the weekend so did some of the tourist stuff. I thought I'd put a short review up here of some of the places we went, will add reviews/opinions of other places as well when I get round to it


Would be nice if others would stick up their thoughts on some of the places to visit in and around Sydney, so we've got a handy thread we could point visitors to? Just a thought, so please add your reviews


Anyway, this weekend we went to:


Museum of Sydney

I've been here before but didn't have long enough, thought we'd head back again. It's a small-ish museum on the corner of Bridge St and Phillip St in the CBD, near Circular Quay. Housed in a very modern building.


Well, I thought it was great. Even better than the last time I'd had a look. The first floor is all about arrival/colonisation/early years, it's a history I've heard quite a lot of before but there's always something new to be found. Second floor is where it's really good, though. They have the history of the city themed around some of the people who really shaped it - the usual suspects like Phillip and Macquarie, but then also later figures like Bradfield (city engineer whose vision shaped the public transport in the early 20th century, harbour bridge etc), Bob Bellear and Jack Munday. Some superb old posters and photographs of the city through various stages of development. There are some really nice touches as well in the building - I think the architects did a fantastic job - like a glass walled lookout from where you can see the old wall lines of the first Government House (on whose site the museum is situated) picked out in colours in the paving, plus windows in the back from where you have a juxtaposition of some of the last old terraced houses in Sydney CBD right next to a modern glass tower.


They have two exhibition spaces up here too - a great photo exhibition at the moment examining peoples' convict ancestors past.


The whole place is really well thought out, just the right size (takes 1-2 hours for a visit) and at $10 I think it's very good value. Also has an ace shop which is the best place I've found yet for books on Australian history. Thoroughly recommended




Museum of Sydney building - see row of terraces behind it and the tower, the view of these together is what I mentioned.....also note the paving in front of the building that picks out the original govt house



Example of some of the stuff they've got in there - hundreds of fab old posters and photos. This is one of the bearings of the bridge under construction

More to follow (also plan to post opinion on the MCA, Sydney Observatory, Darling Harbour, Mt Tomah Botanic Gardens, Blue Mountains locations (Katoomba, Wentworth Falls), Luna Park etc)

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