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Guest Eef

backpackers hotel versus room to rent

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Guest Eef

Hi everybody,


As I am planning to visit Sydney for a period of 6 weeks to 3 months I was wondering if you could advice me on this question. Do you think it is wiser/cheaper to rent a room for 3 months (if at all possible) instead of paying for a bed in backpackers hotel/motels in Sydney?

I looked at the prices of staying in such backpackers hotels and if I would stay for 6 weeks that would be affordable... but for a longer period of time I was wondering if it would be wiser to rent a single room...


How does that work in Sydney? Is it possible to rent a room (being a foreign visitor)? Are there people who rent out spare rooms for short periods of time?

Do you have any idea on the prices?


Thanks a lot for your response,




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I think that you will find staying in a Backpackers or something is the ONLY option. Rental vacancies are very low and apartments are in great demand, without proof of a job and references, very few people would rent to you im afraid.

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There are some awesome backpackers. The YHA in the rocks has a rooftop lounge area that is probably the envy of the entire world...


But your going to pay $40+/night for the privelege.


What you could do is try couch surfing


What Snooks says regarding renting is true. You won't be able to get a lease. You could look for short-term accommodation on Gumtree, but anywhere good is going to be expensive. Like really expensive. That $200/week you are spending at a hostel with the awesome views, is going to be even more renting somewhere... like an extra $100 minimum.


The couch surfing option brings the price down, but you generally dont get a room, you get a couch, or a small bed in the lounge or something similar. There might be more than 1 couch surfing too, which in itself could be a lot of fun, of course you sacrifice personal space for that.

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How about AirBnb? You can get everything from a couch to an entire apartment, depending on your budget and length of stay. You could also do say, 4 weeks in Bondi, 2 weeks in Manly and then 4 weeks in Newton to get a real flavour of different areas of the city if you're not able to get one room for the whole duration. Otherwise, try gumtree or even noticeboards in backpacker areas once you get here.


We used airbnb for when we first got here and found a lovely apartment for 2 weeks whilst we looked for a long term rental, so it worked really well for us although on a backpacker budget it might be different.


Good luck!

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