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Guest Snapper

Possible Move to Sydney

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Guest Snapper

My partner is thinking of applying for a job in Sydney and I was looking for a bit of information to help us plan whether we would move.


We are from Scotland but currently live in Denmark which is a very expensive country. I believe that Sydney is probably the most expensive place in Australia.


Sorry I know some of these questions might have been asked already.


I have been looking into apartments to rent and prices. I think that we could afford probably 500 a week as I would not be working initially, hopefully I will get a job easily. Ideally a 2 bed place. I am not sure about the area though. I have actually spend about 2 months in Sydney already so know a bit about the place, I stayed in Bondi and then Stanmore. I would LOVE to live by the sea because I love water but not sure if we could afford it. I was wondering about Coogee? If my boyfriend does get this job he would be working on Elizabeth Street in the centre so would be commuting to work. At the moment he works long hours sometimes and I imagine that would be the same so we would not want a huge commute for him. I would love to stay in Manly but I think might be too expensive. Is the ferry a good way to commute? I believe that the Western suburbs are cheaper but I honestly think I would love to be near the water. Can anyone advise on areas?


We both like going out for dinner and imagine we will do that a lot so would be nice to stay somewhere that has nice restaurants and bars. We are very sociable people and like our nights out but are more pub goers than club goers so it would be important for us to have some bars close by. We would off course travel into the city sometimes for nights out.


I think that we would like to get a car when we are there so not sure if that makes a difference also.


I really hope that he gets this job, I spent a year travelling round Australia and fell in love with the place and I am very excited about the prospect of living there for a few years. :happy::happy:

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Guest Snooks

Hi and welcome to the forum.


Now i certainly arent in Real Estate or anything but i can probably take a guess and be not too far off. First things first.....forget the Northern Beaches and Manly, it is well out of your price range.


I would be looking somewhere around Bondi Junction, Coggee, Maroubra and what is mainly called the eastern suburbs.


Now obviously prices and conditions vary and you certainly wont get a water view in your price range. You wont even be waterside, but you will be in walking distance if you choose carefully.


For around $450-$500 you will get a 2 bed apartment but it is hard getting any housing or apartments at the moment. The rental market is such that there is only a 3% availability so when you apply, expect to be competing against 30-40 other couples. Being international it will be hard showing affordability and also providing a reference.


I know that you didnt wish to move to the western suburbs, but just to compare, its still as hard to get in but then, a very nice townhouse or 3 bed apartment would probably only set you back $350 at the most, in ST Marys, Penrith, even Blacktown. But is the 45 min each way by train into Sydney too Far?


If you need any further info or specific info, just post again and advise what.....i will do my best to source an answer for you.




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