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I was wondering if maybe you guys can help me out. I have a friend moving to Sydney next week. I am in New York and have never been to Sydney. My friend and I enjoy going out to eat and since she will be moving to Sydney, I would really love to get her a gift certificate to an amazing restaurant in Sydney. I'm having trouble deciding on a restaurant. I am reading good things about Altitude restaurant, Bistro Lilly, Cafe Sydney, and Becasse but I don't know what restaurant to choose. What in your opinion is the best restaurant in Sydney? I am willing to spend about $120-$150 and I would like that amount to be decent for 2 people, not including drinks. I have seen some menus for restaurants charging $150 per person for a tasting menu which I can't afford. I see a lot of restaurants getting good reviews simply for a good view from the restaurant which is fine but the main thing I am looking for is quality of food. Since I don't know when I will see my friend again, I would like to have her eat at a very special place with amazing food. Since she will be going out to eat with her future husband, I would like something at least somewhat romantic, basically not TOO casual. Also no asian cuisine since she is Asian. She does like seafood though. Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

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