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Birth of UK child post parental visas granted. Retrospective visa application ?

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Hi folks,

We are looking to move to Sydney from the UK in the next 3 months. We have our permanent residency visas (granted in 2012), ready and validated but our son who was born after they were granted now needs a child visa. We want to do this retrospectively i.e not wait in the UK for lodging the application, but come out to Sydney and do it there. Immigration have told us we would need to apply for a child visa subclass 802 once we are in Oz but have not been able to clarify what we can enter him into Oz on visa wise. Anyone any similar experience of this ? How long do you need whatever temporary visa to last based on how long does the child 802 visa generally take to be granted ? It took us 15 months to have our originally granted. Is there a simple way to navigate around this ?


Thanks for your advice in anticipation,



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