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Guest bookaddict

Anyone recommend any good books?

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Guest bookaddict

Hi - new to this forum - some very interesting posts. Was wondering if anyone has any good books they've read to recommend? I've got a few which may be of interest to some of you although the ones I'll mention cover the lives of ordinary folks set around 1900 in the UK - seeing how life affected people who have gone before us really intrigues me. All are available in book form or 'ebooks' from Amazon:-

Brother to the Ox by Fred Kitchen covers the life of a farm labourer in the early 1900's - set in South Yorkshire in the UK he recounts his working life very well, even how they used to be hired for 12 months by farmers at the local Statutes Fairs - a very good read - how things have changed from just a few generations ago!

The Belle Fields by Lora Adams - Brilliant depiction of life for servants in a 'Big House' (eg Downton Abbey) in the UK. Although a romantic fiction there's obviously been a lot of research done on how these folks lived serving the local Earl and his family. It tells the story of how a local girl's life was turned upside down when landing a job as a kitchen maid - loads of twists and turns but I think a really sad end. The descriptions of how annual celebrations (Christmas, May-day etc) are very well done - just think just over 100 years ago!

Lifting the Latch by Sheila Stewart - A very good read where the author spent many hours listening to 'Old Mont' a shepherd in Oxfordshire in the early 1900's and she's done a brilliant job of getting it all down for us to enjoy. Old Mont was obviously quite a character in his own right - wish I could have met him.

If anyone enjoys a good read to chill out try these - would love to hear of any others folks have enjoyed?

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