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Guest Sydney Daygame

Sydney DAYGAME Club – Bondi Junction railway station

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Guest Sydney Daygame



Sydney DAYGAME Club – Bondi Junction railway station


Location: Starting from Bondi Junction railway station


Date: Saturday, May 09, 2015


Timing: 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM


Saturday weekly meetup is for guys that love approaching beautiful women in DAYTIME!!


If you're already meeting beautiful women in DAYTIME then come out and have some fun with us!!


We usually (split up into groups of 2 or 3 guys) and run around and flirt with hot women all AFTERNOON!


**If you are NEW to DAYGAME, have little or no experience, or are afraid to approach a woman and say:


"excuse me, I just saw you walking by and I think you're adorable.. I had to come meet you"..


then I HIGHLY suggest you take some time and click on the links below (For BEGINNERS DAYGAME):


Beginners Daygame (Infield Guide) | Nick Krauser & Tom Torero



Beginners daygame | Nick Krauser & Tom Torero



Date against the machine | Tom Torero & Jon Matrix



Effortless infield | Jon Matrix



It will teach you how to control and minimize your approach anxiety and show you how to overcome your fears and start

taking action etc etc.


WE MOVE AROUND THE ENTIRE DAY so please join our Sydney DAYGAME Club on facebook to communicate!


If you're not in the Sydney DAYGAME Club on facebook here's the steps:


1- Send me an email to sydneydaygame@gmail.com to remind me to add you to Sydney DAYGAME club on facebook and do not


forget to mention your facebook account in the email.


2- BY INVITATION ONLY, Either by me or by any member of Sydney DAYGAME club.


3- I'll add you to Sydney DAYGAME club. This way when we are out doing DAYGAME and running around, anyone can post in the


Sydney DAYGAME club on facebook and everyone else will instantly get a notification on their phone.




Sydney weather:





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