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Malaysian easy to work here?

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I am David. Currently I'm in Malaysia. 24years old. Chinese. Year 2008 after my secondary school graduated I went to Kuala Lumpur(capital of Malaysia) to work. My first job is sales till now.

But due to Malaysia currency drop and economy getting worse. I was thinking to work at oversea. But the problem is I have no high qualification like degree holder or others.

I am an easy going , funny, independent, fast learner person.

I hope I have a chance to work at oversea. I want to improve myself to have a better life. Any job also I don't mind to have a try.

If someone willing to teach me, I am willing to learn.

I don't know what kind of requirements I need but that why I'm checking here.

Thank you

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Dear David,

You could try firstly looking at the "Seek website" for Sydney, Melbourne or Canberra under the sub-heading Sales or Merchandising.

There are plenty of retail outlets of which you can express interests sending them your Curriculum Vitae, such as Dick Smith Electronics, Target, K-Mart, Big-W, or whatever your interests within Sales may be. There are so many Retail outlets you are able to choose and then send off your C.V. just prior to arriving or once you have arrived. Some of the other larger retail outlets in most cities are JB Hi-Fi and so many others.

I would leave the merchandising travel applications for later down the track once you have settled into Australia, have obtained your vehicle licence and so forth.

All the best in your future endeavours David.

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