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Stanhope Gardens commute to city

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Hi All,


We are moving to Sydney in May this year and looking potentially at Stanhope Gardens to set up home (we have family in nearby Kings Langley)

I'm just wondering if anyone knows what the commute is like to the city as my husband will be based there for work, I have checked the bus times as a guide but I didn't want to rely solely on that if traffic could delay the trip in addition.

Do you know which is the closest train station to Stanhope?

The reasons why Stanhope is the current choice is due to:

Affordability to rent and then buy

Good Catholic school

Leisure complex

Shopping village within potential walking proximity


If you know of any other suburbs that match the above that would be great too!

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Depending on where you are in Stanhope Gardens, there are a number of buses. The Kellyville train station due to open in a few years will be your only bet for trains without transferring, otherwise I'd recommend Blacktown Station. Quakers Hill might be the closest station.

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It's pretty good for somewhere so far out


The bus network is extensive - see network map here:



The key is to get on a direct bus route. Which means the 616X or one of those going down Old Windsor Rd (and thence on to the M2 in to the city)

Bus timetables are here:



Buses do get delayed when the traffic is very bad but reliability is *OK*. On the way in there are bus lanes along the most congested area (from the Lane Cove Tunnel to the Bridge), way home is a bit worse because all traffic gets held up a bit funnelling from about 12 feeder lanes on to the 4 over the bridge, and the M2 can get congested quite badly around the Epping tunnels


When the NWRL opens in 2019 it will get much better still - Kellyville station (which will have a large car park) is on the junction of Samantha Riley Drive and Old Windsor Rd. It will take you in to Chatswood in about 30 minutes - then cross the platform to catch a North Shore Line train to the city, takes an extra 15-20 mins to get to Wynyard or Town Hall

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