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Guest MrsZ

How some locals treats visitors.

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Guest MrsZ

Today I went to harbour side mall for a walk, before choosing a nice seafood restaurant I ordered my favourite and best boost juice, as I walked into the blue fin restaurant, I was told by the information counter they are the best, while still holding my juice in my hand and it was almost finished. Greeted by one Vietnamese waiter, and as he was about to guide me to the seat, one Aussie waiter came to m and told me I am not allow to bring outside drink, and I told him I was about to finished maybe just another minute, he shake his head and walk away and told the Vietnamese waiter do not give me a seat, as I was standing there trying to finish my drink, another Aidan looking waitress came and ask me are you ok? I told her I need to dine in, quickly she pointed the vacant table and ask the Vietnamese waiter to bring me there, soon after I sit down, the Aussie waiter came and throw the menu on my table and here he goes again you are not allow to bring outside drinks, and I said again, I will finished it, he practically stand in front of my table and stare at me while I sipping my boost juice, while other customers are looking at me as if what has happen. After 5 seconds, I decided not to dine there, as I tell him that " I think I'm not gonna have my meal here" he replied "perfect", why must I be treated that way?? I only have a drinks on my hand which I was about to finish, and clearly there is not sign stated at the entrance of the restaurant "no outside food". To be this is just a pure racist issue, I hope those in the service line shouldn't have this kind of attitude, especially he is working at a tourist place.

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