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Guest Mary Rose

It's 36 years since I first arrived in Sydney (by coach from Adelaide) on 8th Dec. 1978!

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Guest Mary Rose

I was just thinking that if I'd met somebody in 1978 who had come here 36 years before, they would have arrived during WW2. I also realized that most of the books I scoured the libraries for in 1977/78 were written by people who came here in the post-War period.


I never intended to come to Sydney either as I wanted to stay in Perth, which I loved, but I could not get a job. Adelaide was/is probably OK but I was lonely and 'homesick' for Perth and my new friends in the hostel. I even bought a bus ticket back to Perth and the guys in the hostel wrote on the notice board 'The Adelaide Kid is coming back!' But then I met two Norwegian guys who were going to Sydney and I arranged to meet them on the steps of the Sydney Opera House, thinking that if I went back to Perth, I'd go home without ever seeing the Opera House or the Harbour Bridge. I did meet up with those two guys too on the steps of the Opera House. I wonder if they are on Facebook!


Now, one of my brothers has been here in Sydney continously since 1979, and the other was here for 15 years from 1979 before moving to the USA, and I've had two stints of 18 and 6 years, with an 'inter-regnum' of 12 years back in the UK.


What is the line from 'San Franciscan Nights' by Eric Burdon and The Animals?

'I wasn't born there perhaps I'll die there

There's no place left to go, Sydney. (sic!)'

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