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Mary Rose

Is there going to be another thunderstorm this evening? (10 to 6, about to go to beach.)

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I read in the Sunday Tele, why we are having almost daily thunderstorms in Sydney - something to do with weather on both sides of The Blue Mts.

Most evenings it has been warm and mild both after and before the storms, although last Wednesday, I had a swim (for the first time) at Kyeemagh (near Brighton-Le-Sands) and it was unpleasantly windy. I was a bit scared in the water, despite it being an enclosed swimming area. I don't like being the only one in the water, and there was thunder and lightning about. How safe are you sitting in a car in a deserted car park?


I went down to Bronte on Saturday evening at 8pm thinking that I'd left it far too late but there were still people swimming in the pool. 6pm now so OK but I will get caught in the peak hour traffic.

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