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Costs commuting from northern beaches to CBD

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Hi all


We are researching places to settle when we move to Sydney area in 2015. We are quite keen on the northern beaches and places a bit inland (Dee Why, Narrabeen, frenchs forest etc)


Does anyone know how much it costs to get the express bus daily (return) downtown to CBD?



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Sorry, I don't know exactly but it'll be between $29.60 and $36.80 a week depending on which 'zone' you're in. Those prices are if you buy a paper travel ten ticket (like a carnet - 10 journeys), it doesn't matter which type of bus you take, it's the same fare. They are slowly rolling out the opal card which should you give you a bit of saving and also more flexibility to use public transport on the weekend. After 8 journeys a week on Opal, any other journeys across any of train, bus or ferry are free for the rest of the week. Whereas with a travel 10 ticket, once you've taken 10 journeys that's it!


The journey from northern beaches to CBD can take up to an hour or more, be warned. Traffic across the spit bridge and military road in neutral bay can be shocking at peak hour, even with the bus lanes etc.


This site has all the info (but good luck trying to work it out!) http://www.transportnsw.info/sites/en/tickets/ticket-types/bus.page

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