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Flynn Rodgers

Building Career as A Real Estate Agent

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Hi Everyone


I have just finished my undergrad and currently living in Sydney, Australia. Now I need to know if I want to become a real estate agent then is it necessary to have a licence. If so then how can I get that? And also is there any training institute who offers training course on this? Any advice regarding this issue will be highly appreciated.



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Any in Sydney wanting to earn some extra money working own hours in Real Estate industry and getting accredited in Real Estate??


Great opportunity, no experience needed and all training provided.


Potential passive income and capacity is determined by you.


Message me direct or register your interest for a information session to be held in Parramatta.


Date and time to be advised.


You can bring anyone with you who you feel may be interested.

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I do not think there are many institutions that provide training specifically to real estate, but there are many real estate companies that is recruiting staff nowadays therefore you might want to just apply for an intern/ job in real estate companies and they will provide trainings. But most of the training period is unpaid.

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Working for Yourself

As a real estate agent, you’re essentially working for yourself. Though there may be a few jobs available that pay an hourly rate, a typical real estate agent works strictly on commissions generated from the sale or rental of a residential or commercial property. Just as you would before starting any business, you should make sure you have the right character traits to work for yourself before becoming a real estate agent. You should be:








A career in real estate means that you’ll set your own schedule, but you’ll need to be organized and ambitious enough to actually work at your business every day. Organization skills are important because you’ll be dealing with contract deadlines, client appointments and follow-ups with other professionals in the field.

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Become a Licensed Real Estate Agent. If you're considering a real estate career, plan to study before seeking your first customer. In every state, prospective real estate salespeople must take a basic real estate course. And all states require you to pass a real estate licensing exam before you start selling homes.

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