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Guest Mary Rose

I popped down to Wynard to Medicare and had a great walk to Circular Quay.

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Guest Mary Rose

I used my Seniors' Card to get a $2.50 ticket (well, I buy them in bulk from the convenience store and keep them in my wallet), walked to Central, got the train two stops to Wynyard, found Medicare in shopping centre joined to Wynyard, then went for a walk.


I did not have any plans, crossed George St, cut down a narrow alley, then into Australia Square Tower, or rather below it where there is a popular outdoor bar, then carried on over Pitt St, Gresham St, admiring the colonial buildings - Dept of Lands I think, four stories, very ornate with statues, figureheads, then into, I think Macquarie Place, with its obelisk dated from 1818 and showing the distance to various places in the colony. Finally I went down to Circular Quay and, although I must have seen the view of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House a thousand times, it never loses that 'Wow, one of the wonders of the world' feeling!


It was warm too, even hot! I had jacket and beanie on and really I did not need them, and sunny of course. Sydney really is an amazing place! (And more important, I live here!)

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