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Mary Rose

Why is it SO cold in Sydney this winter? (Is it REALLY 'global warming!?)

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Actually, it may just be that I am recovering from my operation still, that I am feeling it more. Last week, I was in bed, wearing two pairs of socks, three layers of fleece and wool, hot water bottle, air heater, and my feet were still bloody cold.


I think there has been something of a cold snap, and all the more of a shock because of our 'Indian summer' which extended till the end of May. I really did start to believe in climate change for a moment, then I realized it's just another one of those climatic aberrations. Remember the long, hot summer of 1976?!


There has been snow in The Blue Mountains, -1 I heard it was in Katoomba, yesterday, and warnings of black ice on the roads. I've still not found out if they grit/salt the roads here? It was odd the first time I went to the snow, to find out that I had to carry chains!


Then there is the lack of central heating in Aussie homes. How does reverse air con work? My brother has an oil/electric radiator, I think, which they like, but I miss the way the central heating clicks on before you wake up, and before you come home, to a warm house.


But cold as it is, many blokes are around in shorts, though they look to be shivering sometimes before the sun comes up.


PS 'Going to the snow' (and 'going to the bush.') Aren't they odd, but rather endearing expressions? I remember my brother warning his daughter when she was a toddler, to watch out for 'nakes' when she went into the bush with Nana. (My Mum!)

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