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Commuting to/from Parramatta

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Hello everyone


I am soon to be relocating to Sydney for work. My job will be located in Parramatta. I am struggling to work out the best place to live to be close to the beach but also enable a stress free commute to work.


On the short list is Manly, Bondi Junction (near train) or Maroubra. The office is 1.5km from the parramatta train station, so I would prefer to drive if it is feasible.. Leaving at home 7am, work at 5-530pm.



Could anyone tell me what the traffic would be like going against the normal flow? Approx travel times? For example, Manly is 35km and 50min according to google maps.. Would this be even close to accurate?


Thanks in advance!

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Honestly, Parramatta is the worst place to work. Not because of the people or the environment but the traffic is HORRIBLE.

Unless you are travelling via public transport it is not to bad. But you will have to change route to get onto the city line. Don't even think about driving

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You are better off on the North side, but even that will be quite painful


S-i-L used to commute from Neutral Bay to Parramatta and it took her 45 mins on a good day, more typically an hour. Manly would be an extra 15-25 minutes probably. Eastern suburbs I would expect to be worse, because you've got to get through the CBD and then travel on Parramatta Rd (which is always bad)


One of the problems you will face is that you're not really going against the traffic. From any beachside location into the CBD you'll be in the thick of the rush hour yourself


I understand the attraction of wanting to live near the beach but commuting from the beach to Parra every day is not something I'd want to do, given the choice. Better to live more central and travel to the beach, so you save yourself an hour a day and then spend 20 mins getting to the sea when you feel the need. If you won't be home until 7pm on a good day, the chances of you actually getting to the beach after work are pretty slim even in summer

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Parramatta is nasty if you drive, but it's actually not bad at all if you are commuting by train as it's almost exactly half way between the City and Penrith. I get the Blue Mts Train from Central to Penrith which does the trip in 48 minutes, stopping at Strathfield, Parramatta and Blacktown, and it's no more than 20 mins from Central to Parra. The Western Line trains are pretty good too, probably about 30 mins - must check the timetable. Parra is also a bus / train interchange so there is probably a bus to where you work.


Occasionally, I do drive to Penrith but it's always something I regret, although it's not too bad once you are on the M4 at Concord, and Parra is about ten minutes from there, but in between, Parramatta Road is INFURIATING, with about 40 sets of traffic lights between the junction of City Road/Broadway and Concord. (Yes, I was sad enough to count the lights once!)


Why not consider my suburb - Surry Hills? (Unless you want a house with a 'proper' garden?) I am ten mins walk from Central Railway. The nice thing about Surry Hills is just how central you are to everything. You can walk to most places. I'm having lunch with a friend in the Chinatown end of George St, and I will probably walk down there. I love going to the beach too, and they are all relatively close - around 7/8 kilometres to Bondi, Tamarama, Bronte, Clovelly, Coogee, and the harbour beach at Red Leaf or rather Murray Rose as it is now called, is only 5 k.


I see you mentioned Bondi Junction and that is not a bad choice. Change trains at Town Hall or Central, then to Parramatta. Bondi Jn has all the facilities you will want and it's easy to get down to the beach. Where exactly are you working near Parramatta?


I checked the travel times to Parra from Bondi Jn and see this one has you changing to Blue Mts train at Central but it's probably easier to get the Western Line service as it's a shorter walk between platforms. Going the other way, from Parra, well, you get on whichever train you prefer.


07:03From: Bondi Junction Station Platform 2, Bondi Junctionon_map.png

mot1.png T4 Eastern Suburbs & Illawarra Line

Bondi Junction to Waterfall or Cronulla service

07:17To: Central Station Platform 25, Sydney

wheelchair-tripplanner.pngWheelchair accessible service

View stop sequence

TimeStop nameAccessibility

07:03Bondi Junction Station Platform 2, Bondi Junctionwheelchair-tripplanner.png

07:06 Edgecliff Station Platform 1, Edgecliff

07:09Kings Cross Station Platform 1, Sydneywheelchair-tripplanner.png

07:11Martin Place Station Platform 1, Sydneywheelchair-tripplanner.png

07:14Town Hall Station Platform 4, Sydneywheelchair-tripplanner.png

07:17Central Station Platform 25, Sydneywheelchair-tripplanner.png

07:23From: Central Station Platform 7, Sydneyon_map.png

mot2.png Blue Mountains Line

Central to Bathurst service

07:48To: Parramatta Station Platform 2, Parramatta

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