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Mary Rose

Did you see the photos of the tipper truck stuck in the M5 Tunnel?

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There were some MEGA traffic jams in Sydney on Thursday, mostly as a result of that, but there were some other incidents on the same day I think. Driver claimed he dropped his glasses and accidentally activated the tipper mechanism as he bent to pick them up. He did not notice it either. No mention of a warning light or alarm in the reports but it said the boss of his haulage company copped plenty of abuse as there was a mobile no on the side of the truck. I think I read in one report that drivers have to activate two separate processes to start the tipper?


I think maybe another truck activated the warning alarms in the Harbour Tunnel because he had too high a load, stopped in time but had to reverse?


Always reading about dumbo drivers who ignore the warnings at Dural about the narrow road through Galston Gorge. Heard Ray Hadley raging about it once. They are BIG signs mind!

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