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Mary Rose

Anybody going to a Melbourne Cup party? (or to the actual race!?)

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I've bought 2 x $2 and 1 x $1 tickets in our works sweeps. There's a brunch on in the office on Tuesday - got to go to work 'early' (for me) 11am to 3pm shift instead of 2pm to 6pm. There's a hat competition too - I just decided not to wear my 'cowboy' hat because of the nasty mark on the top - don't want to win the nasty prize for the most daggy & yucky hat!


I might have a 'proper' bet, but it always feels like taking a bill and tearing it up.

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Nah. My wife is, but I cba.


I love a day at the races, and also quite happy to go to a race-related booze up. But taking an hour out without drink to watch a race on the telly? Not really my thing


I feel the same way about the Grand National etc at home BTW. Racing is a live thing for me. Might seem odd as I used to live 15 miles from Newmarket, was a member, and used to go to at least 4 meetings a year including always doing the Guineas festival and Cambridgeshire handicap day, but on the TV I've not really got any interest.......

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I bought three 50 cents mystery bets tonight in the Strawberry Hills, had to get the barman to do it for me, two for me one for a guy at work who has not got a ticket in the sweep. $1.50! The new Kerry Packer of the Melbourne Cup, 2013. I don't like betting.


In some ways, it's a (typical?) Aussie contradiction; People have huge problems with booze and gambling, but having a punt and a beer is part of being an Aussie! (and a Pommie to be fair!)


I guess if I was working in a place with a huge **** up tomorrow, I'd be in it. We are having a morning tea, and there could be a wet bar in the canteen area, but I usually just want to go home.

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