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Mary Rose

I had dinner in The Concordia (German) Club, Tempe tonight.

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I went over to see my brother in Picnic Point, to say goodbye to my other brother, who is off on his travels again after two weeks here. On way home, came via Earlwood to Tempe and stopped at the German Club with my friend Alex. We both had German beers (on tap) DAB for me and Spaten for her. I had a sort of meat loaf with a fried egg, potato, sauerkraut and she had 'Wurst', and we shared some sort of strudel and cream for dessert. It was very nice.


It's a homely place, popular with families, and a world away from the tourist trap of the Lowenbrau Keller in The Rocks (drinking competitions! Hate them!) $10 for the beer (schooner and middy) $28 for the two meals and $5 for the dessert. I had the car so only one beer but next time I might go down on the train as it's right opposite Tempe station.

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Toying with driving to work tomorrow so could come back via the Concordia, maybe get Alex to get train down to Tempe to meet me (if she does not have a date!)


I went with her to the Dutch Club last Easter - Rembrandt Club I think out past St Marys.

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