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How to start a PM (Private Conversation)

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Guest Love Shoes

Thought I would try to guide members through this a little bit ... It is quite different from the private messaging system we have on our sister forums .....

I think some members have (myself included) confused the PM system on LIS (Life in Sydney) with Visitor Messages .... Visitor Messages are not private, these can be seen by anyone who visits your page or the page to whom you are having the chat with .... But PM's are private, you can however if you wish to invite another member(s) to join in the conversation ....


OK so if we go to the profile for the person you are wanting to send a PM to ... I will use Kate as an example ... so off I go to Kate's profile .... I click on start a conversation ...... then I start to type my message ..... (you will see at the bottom (right hand side ... if memory serves me right) an invitation to invite another member if you would like to invite another member, press it and start typing the name of the member you wish to join in the conversation ... I will add LKC and Mary Rose .... so now we have (or should have a PM) between myself ... Kate, LKC and Mary Rose, all of which is not public ..... anyone you send a Private Message to will receive a notification via email informing them that you have started a chat with them .....


To leave a Visitor Message ... you simply visit the members home page .... I will say Kate again ... so off I go to her page, and if I am not mistaken there is a prompt to start a chat .... I like to use this system for quick hello's, sending hugs that sort of thing ..... I know I am always prattling on about personal information, I.e., emails and phone numbers, but it is for our own safety, remember guys and gals this is a public forum and although Admin and the MOD's do their bit to keep the forum safe, we need your co-operation on not posting any of your personal info .... so if you need to let a member know your email address or phone number please, please make sure it is done via the PM system ....


If anyone has any problems with sending ... or just doesn't understand how the Private Messaging system works, please either PM me or post on my profile page and I will try to help you .....


Also if anyone has posted messages on visitor boards thinking they were Private Messages .... If I am not mistaken you can edit these yourselves .....


Hope this little tutorial has been helpful ... and most of all I hope I've got it right ..... :angelic:

Safe forums make for happy forums ... let's keep ours safe and happy ..... :cat:

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