Halal Restaurant Sydney - Halallicious Cafe and Grill

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    A menu filled with mouth-watering options ranging from pastas to seafood to good old fashioned “Auburn Style” Chargrilled chicken, beef and shish kebab, Halallicious truly is the new hot spot to be in Auburn central.

    Walking into the newly developed restaurant, automatically you are greeted with a cheerful “Salam Alaikum”. The subtle warm shades and modern decor of the restaurant instantly transports you away from the usual traffic and loud sounds emanating from the streets of Auburn. The perky all-male waiters are quick to attend to your dining needs, maintaining a warm and very agreeable nature. For a newly developed restaurant, it was quite busy, with a lively and upbeat atmosphere.

    On the menu Halalicious provides an array of all halal meals, including the classic burgers, steaks, pastas, and the occasional surprise dishes which may take you by surprise such as the “camel burger”. The prices were quite surprising; no not expensive but fairly affordable, the highest item on the menu costing only $17.

    In case your company aren’t big conversationalists, breath taking images of pilgrims performing Hajj is a sure way to keep you preoccupied. This is a refreshing change as opposed to the usual whiny music at regular restaurants, making this a perfect spot for couples, families or just your everyday group of friends.

    The waiters are polite, well-mannered Muslim brothers, who tend to your every need and who even crack a few jokes here and there, creating a comfortable atmosphere for all.

    My decision to try the Napoli Pasta for the first time was indeed a very wise one. The presentation of the food was simple, yet elegant as the aroma of the tomato and basil sauce drifted around the room. As the parmesan cheese was slowly melting into the pasta, I took my first bite and I was not disappointed. The fusion of fresh basil and tomato mixed with the warm parmesan and fettuccine equated to a successful meal only costing $15. The serving size was quite large and certainly succeeded in filling my empty stomach.

    From the tantalising food, to the array of choices on the menu, from the beautiful Islamic décor, to the courteous staff, I can safely say that halalicious truly is an “all halal experience”. Maybe next time I might be brave enough to order the famous “camel burger”, just maybe.

    Halallicious Cafe & Grill

    107 Auburn Road, Auburn, NSW, 2144

    Ph: 02 9643 9249

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