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Can anyone recommend a decent bike shop? I'm looking to get a reasonably decent hybrid bike, not a super spendy-pony but something suitable for my needs as an (aspiring) occasional Sunday jaunter. I'm after some independent, non-patronising advice, help with setting it up properly and a good price if all that is possible from one place!


Googling 'bike shops' just brings up so many places and I don't know whether they're aimed at the pro, the amateur racer, the enthusiastic cyclist or the regular pootle-about-towner, so some recommendations pointing me in one direction or another would be really appreciated, thanks.

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Just had a look for you

people say the most bike shops in one area is in Sutherland, second is Hurstville and the st george region, then there are a few out the eastern suburbs and inner city


In the Sutherland area Tony at Engadine has a good rep http://www.engadinecycles.com.au/ followed by Durban Cycles http://www.durbancycles.com/


David Short at Penshurst is more towards roadies and everyone seems to love Peter Bundy although they are custom made frames http://www.peterbundycycles.com.au/

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