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    Photos of Sydney and surrounds

    Kate sorry I wasn't aware you are a Sydney nube. It is Luna yeah. That shot was an afterthought. I wasn't even IN Luna Park I was walking around the outside, and that caught my eye. You wouldn't want to be here this week. Cold. Wet. Miserable
  2. Dan

    Gday Peeps

    Out of all the places? Probably New York City. It just fits me so well. I did love Boise, I also loved Charleston and Savannah. Austin was beautiful and quirky, and that's just the states. Canada was amazing too. Toronto I actually had my worst, and best experience. I ended up in Algonquin for a long weekend camping trip with strangers which was a highlight. Vancouver, is lovely outside of the city, but the city itself was a bit of a mess. But to live? NYC.
  3. Dan

    Photos of Sydney and surrounds

    This is actually reversed (cos I used it as a facebook cover and my scon wipes out the bottle unless reversed). The bottle, and the opera house are *really* on the left. Meaning this is at... Mrs Macquaries chair. Well not quite, I was sitting on rocks in the water taking this... the "chair" is to my left.
  4. Dan

    Photos of Sydney and surrounds

    Should be an easy guess:
  5. Dan

    New Admin

    Hello Looks like you've made some big changes already. To be fair I probably won't be that active, as I'm already on a number of forums already, but I'll pop in from time to time to say gday
  6. Dan

    Gday Peeps

    Hi Kate. In April 2011 I left here for stateside. I'd been wanting to travel for a while but life, as it usually does, found a way to keep me here till that time. Anyhoo. So 2 of my friends were living in New York, expats. And I had another friend living in Boise that I wanted to see, and then a few friends in Canada. I gave myself 6 months, started in New York and finished in Vancouver and visited a tonne of places in between and made some great friends. I've got some expensive camera kit, so the majority of the trip revolved around find a place to take photos, or a place to drink (or both!) hahaha. Nothing beats being back home though. Naturally
  7. Eef, There are some awesome backpackers. The YHA in the rocks has a rooftop lounge area that is probably the envy of the entire world... But your going to pay $40+/night for the privelege. What you could do is try couch surfing What Snooks says regarding renting is true. You won't be able to get a lease. You could look for short-term accommodation on Gumtree, but anywhere good is going to be expensive. Like really expensive. That $200/week you are spending at a hostel with the awesome views, is going to be even more renting somewhere... like an extra $100 minimum. The couch surfing option brings the price down, but you generally dont get a room, you get a couch, or a small bed in the lounge or something similar. There might be more than 1 couch surfing too, which in itself could be a lot of fun, of course you sacrifice personal space for that.
  8. The Rocks is my favourite... I always find a pub to get drunk in, and get kicked out of hahaha. The Observer is my haunt, I'd go there a lot, because it's easy and Tigers on tap everyday for $5.50! But I also hit the other pubs on that route (I've got a patented pub crawl that I've invented). Start at the Fortune of War, and wind your way slowly to the top of the Glenmore. If you have staying power... making it to the Lord Nelson is a huge effort!
  9. Speaking of Burgers, I've hit Burgerfuel a few times in Newtown. They have holders called "doofers" that cover half the burger so you don't lose all the filling when you bite into it (as they can be pretty big). So good. All natural and fresh. Their sweet potato fries aren't to be missed! If you've been hitting the pubs Clem's Chicken does a good greasy feed. Some chicken and chips to ward off that nasty hangover. Thaitanic's already been mentioned but Thai Pothong is also good.
  10. I've always been partial to Wildfire at the overseas passenger terminal (the view of the opera house on the forums here is pretty much what you see looking out the window). If you want to charm a date and have a fat wallet go there. I've been for two friends weddings (and wedding rehearsal) dinners and it was exceptional. If you've got a super fat wallet and money is no object try Tetsuya's. I actually don't rate Neil Perry's Rockpool in the rocks (it's a stone throw from Wildfire), and think you can get far better fare nearby. One of my all time favourite restaurants is Satasia in Balmain. Very reasonably priced. Downright bargain during the week. The food is all top asian fare, the menu is extensive and covers a variety of chinese, thai, vietnamese and malaysian dishes. If you get the munches afterwards Adriano Zumbo's patisserie is right next door
  11. Dan

    Making Friends in Sydney

    It's a good question, because Sydney can be hard to crack... If you live in a beachy suburb like Manly or Bondi it's obviously going to be easier because those areas are a lot more social. But everywhere should have places to meet people. If you're going to the gym you could meet people in some of the organised classes they have there. Strike up a conversation with some of the girls, partner with them in the classes, or arrange to meet for classes. Once you've established a bond with someone go for coffees, and you are away! Obviously where you work you could find a workmate that you get along with and try and get in with their clique. Also if there's any already attached guys you know, you could hang out with their girlfriends. On that same note, if you are dating a guy, see if his mates girlfriends are available to hang out. That could be a good way to kill 2 birds with one stone, letting the boys have a guys night out while you get to know the girlfriends... Perhaps you and rosetinted should go for a coffee and brainstorm some more ideas
  12. Dan

    Gday Peeps

    Well it's taken a long time for me to get back here (long story). But I'm back! The trip was amazing. It goes slow whilst you are doing it, but once you get back home time flies and it seems like years ago that I went on that trip. The photos are an awesome reminder though.
  13. When the weather is as nice as this I enjoy the patio bars/lounges, preferably near water, to hang out with friends. There are plenty of these: - in Manly near the corso (The Steyne and Wharf Bar spring to mind) - in Darling Harbour near King St Wharf (Bungalow 8, James Squire Brewery, etc) I also enjoy just wandering around the Rocks and Circular Quay. There are often festivals and markets (on most weekends) as well as great homely pubs/cafes to sit and chat with friends in.
  14. Dan

    Gday Peeps

    My name is Dan, currently residing on the North Shore in Sydney. Have just returned from a 6 month overseas jaunt to the most incredible weather. Beautiful and sunny, about 20 degrees, and not a cloud in the sky. Working from home is a treat. Sitting on the balcony just enjoying the best this country has to offer. My main interest levels right now are travel, photography and training (to be more specific spin cycle - yes I actually love the classes! hahaha). Look forward to getting to know everyone more. Come and chat anytime, I won't bite (much) :rollinglol:

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