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  1. Can you believe the weather over the past few days?! Torrential rain on Sunday and yesterday, and then beautiful blue skies today! My veg garden is loving the rain. Sadly, so are the weeds!
  2. It has been very wet for a couple of days now. I only drive locally during the week, so the traffic hasn't been bad for me, although OH got caught up a bit on his way home last night. On the plus side, my veggies are growing big and strong with all the extra water they have had!
  3. We went to a birthday party on Saturday afternoon. It was stiflingly hot and I felt a bit sorry for the kids entertainer who was dressed in a ballgown and wig! Yesterday we went and did a bit of bush walking down near Helensburgh. It was definitely cooler and much more pleasant. Had a good couple of hours walking which is something we haven't had time to do for a while. I went for curry in Leicester once with a friend who had gone to uni there. We were both living and working in Solihull at the time, so it was a bit of a way to go for curry. It was nice though.
  4. LKC


    Yes, I guess that being an Aussie will exempt you from the visa process! Sorry, I had assumed that you were migrating from elsewhere!
  5. LKC

    Bushfire Information

    Since it looks like we may have a bad bushfire season this year in NSW, I thought that I would post a link here so that newcomers to Sydney can easily find information about how to prepare for the possibility of fires, where to look for information on current incidents, and also information about the current fire danger ratings and what those mean. The main website to use is the NSW Rural Fire Service website, which has absolutely loads of information to look at. I would recommend reading and maybe printing out the Bush Fire Survival Plan, the link to which can be seen on the front page of the RFS website. It explains how to know whether you are at risk (bush fires can occur in bush areas, grassland, farm land and so on), how to prepare your property, how to decide whether you will stay and defend your property or leave it and evacuate, and it also explains what the different Fire Danger Ratings mean. There are also spaces at the back for you to complete your own plan, so that each member of your family is aware of what will happen. There is even a small section for children. The other important things to look at are the Current Fires and Incidents and the Fire Danger Ratings Pages, both of which can be found on the front page of the RFS website. It allows you to see whether there are any fires nearby, and gives advice on what to do if there are fires in the area. Bush fires are part of life in Australia. You just have to be aware and prepared.
  6. LKC


    Hi Steve, Welcome to the Life in Sydney forum! Whereabouts in Sydney are you thinking of moving to? Do you have a visa in place already, or is that something that you need to organise? LKC
  7. LKC

    Heya! Arriving soon

    You've seen more of Australia than I have, and we have lived here for almost five years!
  8. LKC

    Heya! Arriving soon

    Hi Felipe! Welcome to the forum and to Sydney once you arrive!
  9. LKC

    Just moved to Sydney!

    Welcome to Sydney! We are having some beautiful weather at the moment, although the temperatures have been a bit up and down. I hope that you settle in and find somewhere to live quickly, and that your cats arrive safely!
  10. I have a Sophie too! Beautiful name! I am pleased that things are dropping in to place for you.
  11. LKC


    I have two children, they are 7 and 5. Sydney is a fabulous place to live with children! Lots of things to do, lovely parks and playgrounds, great schools (fab news about them helping out with the school fees!). We have been in Sydney for four and a half years, first on a 457, then PR, and are now citizens, and we haven't had a moments regret about moving here!
  12. LKC

    Medicare / Private health insurance

  13. LKC

    Hi, just arrived in Sydney

    Hello, welcome to Sydney! The harbour is beautiful, especially on the bright blue sky days that we have been having of late! It is chilly in the wind, though so you will be needing coats for a few more weeks yet!
  14. It was a beautiful day on Saturday, wasn't it. Good luck with the search!
  15. We used to live in Ashfield Green which is a tiny little hamlet just outside Wickhambrook, which is at about the central point between Newmarket, Bury St Edmunds, Haverhill and Clare! We are staying in Cambridge for a few days, and will be driving over to Haverhill to see OH's old workmates, and up to Ely to see friends there, and we will be seeing my old workmates in Cambridge too. I enjoyed living there and had we stayed in the UK we would have probably stayed put.

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