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  1. Hi, I have just moved to Cherrybrook and my son about to turn 5 end of the year is about to go to kindy next year. Which its time for the big question... where do I send him to? I can't decide if I should send him to Oakhill Drive Public or Cherrybrook Public? He is quite a smart boy, already know to do addition at age 4 telling me that 5+6 is 11, etc. He is very inquisitive and he loves singing and dancing... but not sure if he is into sports... further more, I am not sure about the teachers at the schools... On top of a good school curriculum and structure that can help kids reach their maxium potential, the quality of care from the teachers and principals are very important, as they are the one who will help inspire the child to want to learn more or kill their drive. Does anyone have feedback on both schools and what your thoughts are? Any feedback would be great! Thank you for your time in advance!

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