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  1. Leonay is a beautiful area Ricky and a lot of properties get a great view of the Blue Mountains . Hope you can find somewhere that suits you all!
  2. How are you finding the Opal card now Mary Rose? Is it beneficial for you? My hubby still loves it and he says that you are correct re: not having to bother using your card when you get off of the ferry at Manly.
  3. My hubby got the Opal card recently too and he is suitably impressed that you never pay more than $52 a week. Also, after 8 journeys, the rest of the week is free. Brilliant! Hope you're well Mary Rose
  4. Hi Ricky, We moved to Penrith from the UK 8 months ago and we are very happy here. We stay in a new estate called Jordan Springs which is approximately 10 minutes (by car) to the CBD/Train station etc. There is also a new bus route servicing the area which is very reliable and gets you to the train station in 20 minutes. It takes us 45 mins to travel by car to North Sydney and my husband commutes to Sydney CBD by train which takes him 55 mins - 1 hour. He is delighted with the journey time as it took him longer to travel to his office in the UK. The Blue Mountains are a 30-45 min drive away too and are definitely a sight not to be missed! Since moving here, we have had many people ask "Why on earth do you want to live in Penrith?" and we have also had comments such as: "That's Penrith for you!", however, when we ask those people when they last visited Penrith, they cannot remember; I'm guessing it has changed and improved somewhat since they last visited! I do concur with northshorepom's advice to avoid suburbs such as Mt Druitt, St Marys etc, purely due to these areas suffering from deprivation. There are a number of good schools in the area; both Primary and High Schools. The ones in close proximity to us are: Primary Schools: Samuel Terry Public School Henry Fulton Public School Llandilo Public School Corpus Christi Primary School High Schools: Cranebrook High Penrith High (selective) St. Dominic's College (private) Xavier College (private) If none of the schools listed above are suitable, you can contact your preferred school and fill out a Non-local application which may be considered by the school's enrolment panel. We have been impressed with the quality of eduction provided here, plus our 6 year old has settled in extremely well which has definitely made the transition much easier. Good luck with everything!
  5. Like your little rhyme there Mary Rose Yes, I heard that at the weekend actually regarding the 2nd type of Myna bird. Apparently they can attack cats eyes too; the feline variety and not the cats eyes on the road as my husband thought! He had had a few beers at the time. Lol! They sound like pests anyway. It definitely sounds as if you have done a fair bit of exploring. We still have more to do and think we'll take my husband's parents on a little tour of the area when they arrive for Christmas. We're looking forward to scouting out some new areas aswell. Hope you're well these days!
  6. Yeah, you probably did pass Jordan Springs if you came back from Castlereagh that way I too had never heard of people being 'bombed' by magpies until I moved here. I do remember though that when myself and a colleague were at work, we were patrolling the main street on our beat one early evening and got 'bombed' by a pigeon! We gave some members of the public a good laugh as we ran off from the crazy bird trying to attack us!! We think that it may have been a mother protecting her young so perhaps that's what the magpies are doing here? I'm not too good at recognising the different breeds of birds here yet but you are right, they don't really 'sing', they squawk! I do know that the galah's are the grey birds with pink chests though. I would LOVE it if I heard someone say "Don't be a GALAH!" - it would make my day! Did you manage to go and see "Gravity"? I've heard it is superb! And, have you tried to leave work early again? I had to giggle when you said it was maybe because you ate your sandwich a little earlier! Brilliant!
  7. I find that that is the case too. I'm hoping that I will always be in awe of the wonderful wildlife that Australia has to offer!Jordan Springs is one of the newer estates just off of the Northern Road and is near to Llandilo and Cranebrook. It has its own lake now and a Woolworths is opening on 12th December so it's starting to take shape. Some of the houses are beautiful and are extremely affordable, hence why there have been numerous people camping outside of the sales office the night before a land release
  8. Kirsty

    Some photos from my California trip

    Sounds like you had a fantastic trip LS!!! Love the pics!!!I loved Vegas when we went. Would love to be able to go on a shopping spree at the malls there. Hopefully we'll go back at some point and I can do just that
  9. Glad you got to enjoy a lovely meal with friends. It sounds like you celebrated your 35th anniversary of arriving in Oz perfectly
  10. I think my husband would agree with you about the train journey being pleasant as he can just sit back and reply to emails or just watch the world go by.There are kangaroos at the edge of the Jordan Springs estate which is amazing to see if you can get close enough without them running off! I don't think I'll ever tire of seeing the wildlife over here!
  11. Kirsty

    Photos of Sydney and surrounds

    Kate, I'm loving the photographs you have chosen......they really are stunning images!!Hope you're well lovely lady
  12. Happy 35th Anniversary Mary Rose! Hope the inconsistent weather didn't spoil it too much yesterday! Did you manage to go to the Himalayan restaurant?
  13. Wow, you've been a Surry Hills home owner for some time then? It's nice that you liked it enough to return. How do you find the train journey to and from work? My husband's commute is 1 hour door to door and he loves it; he says it's his 'relax' time. I like the fact that you choose to explore an area, even if you are just there for work; I am the same and like to familiarise myself with the surroundings. I still haven't visited the chocolate shop though and really need a chocolate fix!I think that you are right re: the village at Warragamba and I concur re: living in Castlereagh. I much prefer having the choice of whether to walk or drive and walking anywhere in Castlereagh would be pretty much impossible due to the layout of the roads. We are from East Kilbride which is approximately 19k from Glasgow. We grew up in EK but don't particularly miss anything about our town because the open spaces here appear larger, are more unspoilt and accessible. We are extremely lucky and have made some lovely Australian friends and some ex-pats too, so that has really helped us to settle. My husband mentioned to me that he had had a nightmare about returning to Scotland and he woke in a cold sweat as he doesn't want to live there again. That did make me chuckle! Hope you had a good weekend and I hope you get the chance to do some more exploring this week!
  14. It sounds like you've done a fair bit of exploring I sincerely hope that the High Street isn't under threat from the Westfield as the mall is large enough and there are some hidden gems on High Street that wouldn't suit being part of a mall. Castlereagh is lovely, as is the drive there. We took a drive to Warragamba Dam on Sunday and enjoyed seeing the rolling fields and hedgerows en route; it really was beautiful and reminded me of when we used to drive down to the Lake District. Good memories! We love the drive/train journey to the Blue Mountains as the views are just spectacular. I think we are going to take my parents-in-law to the Blue Mountains when they are here for Christmas as it's one of those "must see" experiences. Yes, 4 months in and things are great thank you. We've had our ups and downs but we were advised that that would happen and I can count on 1 hand the number of 'down days' I've had. The kids are absolutely thriving here and we get to spend more time as a family now that I'm not working shifts. My husband sustained a head injury a few weeks ago which resulted in a late night trip to A&E and despite the stress, panic and 12 hour wait at accident and emergency; we didn't immediately want to catch the next flight back to Scotland. A negative experience turned into something positive for us. Don't get me wrong, we do miss our friends and family back in Scotland, however, we can have fun planning to go back and visit and they can come and visit this fabulous place aswell. It's a win win situation How long have you stayed in Surry Hills? It's beautiful there too and yes, I think you'd most definitely have a couple of hundred over if you sold your unit and moved to Penrith How was your hot chocolate? We still haven't tried the chocolate cafe so will need to do that soon - I might just choose the hot choccie if you give it the thumbs up
  15. Hi Mary Rose, We moved to Penrith from Scotland almost 4 months ago and chose to move to here because we got a good feeling about the place and loved all that it had to offer us and our 2 young children. There are loads of things for us to see and do as a family so we are definitely happy with our decision We still love our visits into Sydney though as nothing can compare to the view of the harbour!Enjoy exploring

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