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  1. We walked along the river, shopped in Woolies and visited the markets on the same day. I wonder if our paths crossed.....
  2. franfran

    Why do live where you do?

    If money wasn't one of my concerns, I would probably go for Willoughby or Lane Cove. But to get the sort of place I would want would mean spending around $2 million. The inner west is another possibility - maybe Stanmore or Wareemba or Abbotsford, but then you're looking at the same sort of money or even more, which is why we settled on The Hills - plent of nice properties around the $1million mark, and not much to spend on them - and only a 40 minute bus trip to the city.
  3. If you're headed out that way and are near Kurrajong, the butcher's shop is well worth a visit (unless you're a vegetarian of course). It's one of the best ones in Sydney.
  4. We were up there on Sunday and, I regret to say, the nursery is not really worth a visit unless you happen to be passing by. The owner is getting on a bit in years now, and the place is looking rather run down. By all means call in if you're in the area but, if you make it the focus of your day out, I think you might be a bit disappointed.
  5. franfran

    Which Area if for Us?

    Penrith is not too bad, and some places around it are quite nice but, if you are considering this area, I would suggest Leonay or possibly Emu Heights instead. When we were looking at places last year, we did seriously consider Leonay and went to a couple of open homes there.
  6. franfran

    Hi from Scotland :)

    Other side of the country then - my father's family came from around Arbroath. Hope all goes well for your move.
  7. franfran

    Moving to Sydney

    If you are looking in the Hills Shire or around Penrith, I can recommend Response Real Estate. We purchased and sold though them and they were really good people to deal with.... http://www.responsere.com/
  8. There's a rather nice nursery half way between Kurrajong and Bowen Mountain: http://www.honeysuckle-cottage.com.au/. Well worth a visit....
  9. franfran

    Best place for a family to live in Sydney

    Castle Hill maybe?
  10. We were living in western Sydney previously and were looking at quite a few possible locations. Our main criteria was that we wanted to be close to a good shopping centre and all other facilities and we wanted a property that would be around $900,000 - no higher.. The North Shore ended up being a bit too expensive unless we were to compromise on the closeness to facilities - or unless we wanted to buy a property in need of substantial renovation. As it turned out, we found a place in Castle Hill just a short distance from Castle Towers that was on the market for $900k and needed nothing done to it, other than perhaps a bathroom renovation. It's only a few years old, so there's not much to do. After seeing what $1,200,000 could buy us in the inner west, it only took us a few minutes to sign.....
  11. Perhaps you need to tell us what you are looking for.
  12. franfran

    Why do live where you do?

    Value for money. We had a few areas in mind but, in the end, after looking around in Sydney's Inner West, we decided that we got more for our dollar in the Hills. For what we paid for where we live now, we would have got a pretty run down place in the inner west that would have needed at least $100,000 more spent on it to make it habitable.
  13. franfran

    Photos of Sydney and surrounds

    Redfern Markets:
  14. franfran

    Hi from Scotland :)

    Where in Scotland? My father was Scottish and I've been there a couple of times.....
  15. It's at Doonside, if you want to be pedantic, but Doonside is right next to Blacktown so we're talking about the same place. It's a great place to take smaller children, because it's set up for them, rather than for adults. You could easily spend half a day there with small children and they would love it. The Koala Park on Castle Hill Road is another place that would be suitable for children.

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