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  1. Sorry, I don't know exactly but it'll be between $29.60 and $36.80 a week depending on which 'zone' you're in. Those prices are if you buy a paper travel ten ticket (like a carnet - 10 journeys), it doesn't matter which type of bus you take, it's the same fare. They are slowly rolling out the opal card which should you give you a bit of saving and also more flexibility to use public transport on the weekend. After 8 journeys a week on Opal, any other journeys across any of train, bus or ferry are free for the rest of the week. Whereas with a travel 10 ticket, once you've taken 10 journeys that's it!


    The journey from northern beaches to CBD can take up to an hour or more, be warned. Traffic across the spit bridge and military road in neutral bay can be shocking at peak hour, even with the bus lanes etc.


    This site has all the info (but good luck trying to work it out!) http://www.transportnsw.info/sites/en/tickets/ticket-types/bus.page

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  2. It's been wet, chilly, windy and and miserable here. Not to put a downer on your mood but its best to be forewarned! Please don't let your first impressions of sydney be clouded (ohhohoho) by the rubbish weather! If anything, it'll make you feel right at home ;)


    Hopefully it would have brightened by the time you arrive anyway. Best wishes for your trip

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  3. I wasn't expecting to care too much about the lions tour but after watching the match on Saturday I'm now well and truly drawn in!


    Where are the best places to go to watch this match (especially the final test in sydney)? I'm thinking big screens and lots of (ideally Lions, but Wallabies OK too) fans. Any good pubs or sports bars anyone can recommend?

  4. Can anyone recommend a decent bike shop? I'm looking to get a reasonably decent hybrid bike, not a super spendy-pony but something suitable for my needs as an (aspiring) occasional Sunday jaunter. I'm after some independent, non-patronising advice, help with setting it up properly and a good price if all that is possible from one place!


    Googling 'bike shops' just brings up so many places and I don't know whether they're aimed at the pro, the amateur racer, the enthusiastic cyclist or the regular pootle-about-towner, so some recommendations pointing me in one direction or another would be really appreciated, thanks.

  5. I found (actually, am still finding) that you just have to get over the 'billy no mates, new kid at school' feeling and just put yourself out there. I still have the fear of appearing as a desperate "random person, please be my friend" type, but it's the only way!


    Join some clubs - even if its just a book club run by your local library- have a look at MeetUp.com and go along to some groups that pique your interest, invite colleagues out for coffee, never say no to an invitation ... It all helps.

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  6. I can't remember exactly what is was I posted now! I was essentially raving about a place on Carlotta St in Artarmon - continental and oriental foods I *think* it's called - where we stocked up on all sorts of goodies and waaaay cheaper than supermarket prices, and much better quality/quantity too. Would highly recommend! Not only for Asian (by which I mean Indian subcontinent rather than China) things but also for some Greek/polish/random imported assorted goodies. The only thing they don't do is fresh food- so no fruit or veggies, bread or dairy.


    I've since heard about a couple of places Homebush-way which we'll check out once we've got a car.

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  7. Thanks LoveShoes, we already make a lot of ours from scratch. Actually I posted before about the wholesaler where we buy all our spices, rice, lentils, random assorted imported goods from but it got deleted by the mods. Wasn't trying to advertise - just wanted to pass on the info to readers!

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  8. hehe no the apartment itself isn't *bad*, it's just the most soulless area I've ever lived in! Looking to move somewhere better and with more character once our lease is up.


    We're in St Leonards...explains all, really! High rise apartment and office blocks and pretty much nothing else. Great transport links though. It'll do for now.

  9. How about AirBnb? You can get everything from a couch to an entire apartment, depending on your budget and length of stay. You could also do say, 4 weeks in Bondi, 2 weeks in Manly and then 4 weeks in Newton to get a real flavour of different areas of the city if you're not able to get one room for the whole duration. Otherwise, try gumtree or even noticeboards in backpacker areas once you get here.


    We used airbnb for when we first got here and found a lovely apartment for 2 weeks whilst we looked for a long term rental, so it worked really well for us although on a backpacker budget it might be different.


    Good luck!

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  10. I need me one of these!!!!


    We tend to make our own (mainly from scratch) but every now and again we want to go out for a good old curry. I'm afraid to say that although we've tried a fair few places and explained exactly what we want in terms of heat and flavour, it's always pretty insipid and just does not hit the spot! I'm not necessarily after a "british" style curry, but suggestions and recommendations for anything other than the uniformly bland 'australian' curry would be most welcome.


    The best of the bunch that we've tried so far have been Rangoon Colonial Club and Last Train to Bombay, both in Crows Nest, but does anyone have any good solutions to this vexed question? We live on the lower north shore but are willing to travel. :)

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  11. Hi North Shore Pom


    Just wanted to say how helpful I find all your posts and to thank you for them! You're a mine of information and I"m sure many, many PIO members and lurkers look forward to your nuggets of wisdom!


    As for me, hello everyone, I've been mainly a lurker and occasional poster on PIO for about a year. Left the UK in December last year and arrived in Sydney at the end of March. It's been a steep learning curve! Currently living in the lower north shore but planning to move as soon as our 12 month lease is up. Am looking forward to seeing this forum developing into a really great place for both 'locals' and tourists :)

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