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    Fire Risk Assessment jobs / Opportunities?

    Just bumping this a bit for you, sorry I can't help. but I want to wish you luck x
  2. I hate having colds, they are pointless and a real show stopper ! Had a bit of hassle this week with my credit card, I tried to order some paint on Saturday night, but six attempts later and my card kept on being declined .... I tried to use it on eBay, the same thing, then I logged onto my apple account only to read a message saying my last transaction was declined ..... I couldn't work it out, as I had money on the card, it's a visa debit, so it comes straight from my account ... Tuesday I went into the bank, and the lady asked if I had changed my spending habits, I said I had been spending in Bunnings and not boutiques lol, so checked their system and noticed there was a security watch in my card .... She then called their fraud people, and then asked me if I had tried to book a scuba trip ...... I said " no I can't even swim " ..... So I asked them to destroy my card, have moved my money out of my account, into a safer account .... Thank goodness the bank were watching out ... It sickens me that these fraudsters think it's ok to steal off normal hard working people, or any people for that matter,
  3. Happy birthday, hope you are feeling better soon x x
  4. Love Shoes

    Spamming .... and UnAuthorised Advertising Please Read

    Just a polite reminder, to all those peeps who are thinking of advertising / spamming .... Your posts will be deleted and you will may get a ban .... Please help admin and moderators keep our forum safe .....
  5. Seniors, doesn't that make us sound old, I thought you were only 21 MR x x
  6. Good for you MR ...... Every day is a bonus, two without is better than one, I try thesecdays only to drink once a week, .... Prefer a cup of tea these days, lol .... Giggled at your piggy bank being a shoe, that's cute x Nothing work wise for you ATM, it's blooming hard, I know the feeling, good luck
  7. Love Shoes

    Morning all.

    Good luck with your life in Sydney, hope your container arrives safe ...
  8. Keep it up MR .... Your doing a fine job
  9. Love Shoes

    Advice on Hills District

    I've deleted it for you .....
  10. Love Shoes

    Advice on Hills District

    Hi welcome, Just bumping up your post ... One of the gang will be along soon to help you
  11. Love Shoes

    Blooming Heck it's hot ....

    Hug time x x
  12. Love Shoes


    Not too sure if it varies from state to state, expect not ..... Gather your 100 points ID together, references, and ingratiate yourself upon a couple of agents .... Go to their offices smart, make them like you, lol .... It can be tough to get on the rental ladder, but once your there, it gets easier .... The viewings are a pain, as they tend to be open house, four or give couples can turn up, they are given application forms if they want them, fill them in and hope for the best. It is very formal and strict, but after nearly two years I think it's now a good system, you may find that the more you pay the easier it can be, a bit less competition, and we also found for between $50 to $100 a week we got a far superior property ...... My advice would be try to find out who the better agents are, I.e., have the best properties then visit them, tell them your new to Australia, tell them about your job, and a bit about yourself, usually if they take a shine you should be ok, if your awkward it may not help .... It's tough, but you'll be fine ... Good luck
  13. Admin and moderators would kindly ask that members do not publish their own personal details on the forum, this is a public forum, and anyone has access to your phone no or email address and can call you in the middle of the night and or store your details, we have this rule for good reasons. We have a personal messaging system which is secure and easy to use, so please use it. Any posts that include personal information will either be edited or deleted .... Thank you for your co operation ....

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