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    New Years Eve

    Haven't been living in Sydney for that long, but even now the traffic could be a huge pain in the neck, so I can't image what would be on NYE, so renting a car won't do it for you. If there is a chance of catching an earlier flight would be best, but otherwise I don't really know what to tell you...
  2. Martin Smith

    New in town

    Do what you must, Kate, that's why you are the admin here To be honest I do a fair bit of travelling due to my work commitments and I do visit Europe frequently, so I could have logged in the forum while travelling. I joined the forum because I needed some help and then just though I'd share my experience with that particular company. After all that's what forums are for, right? I am not sure what I have to prove in this case, but I will stay in the forum and do my best to help with whatever I can
  3. Martin Smith

    New in town

    Erm, not sure what you mean Kate. Where are you as in did I move to Sydney already (if so, yes), or where are you as in "why haven't you been active" (sorry about that, I do check the forum from time to time, but rarely get involved). FYI, I did use the aforementioned company "removed web address" what can I tell you...well, they did a decent enough job, but what I liked most was the price. But I am not going to talk much about them, because I don't want to sound as an advertising, just sharing my experience. As for my presence in the forum, I'll do my best to make it more regular. Still getting used to my life in Sydney, though, so I don't have much time.
  4. Martin Smith

    New in town

    Hello all! I am recently living in Melbourne, but I will be moving to Sydney very soon (everything is sorted, so it's just a matter of time). I have found an apartment and everything, but I need an advice - I need a good cleaning company because the previous owners of the apartment have been everything but clean. Friends recommended these guys as the best cleaners in Sydney "web address removed" but I'd still like more opinions. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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