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  1. it's still a month away, i guess...looks like it'll be fun, though. some guys in my office have been dared to come into work dressed as the village people lol.
  2. aw, i thought it looked like a riot! i imagine people were holding onto the strings though. apparently it was a promo for daredallion week, there was a bit in the MX about it the other day. never heard of it, sounds like it's a new thing the cancer council are doing to raise awareness for men's cancer.
  3. Did anyone see this the other day?? Looks pretty fun to me. anyone know what it was for though?? kind of strange for a man in a business suit to be doing something like that..
  4. i watched strangers on a train on dvd last night.
  5. syd_gal

    Slumdog Millionaire

    saw this on sunday. i enjoyed it, the romantic story line was a bit ott at times, though.
  6. syd_gal

    How your New Years?

    thanks, exaussie.
  7. syd_gal

    credit cards - thoughts?

    i need to get a credit card because i'm going overseas soon but i need help in choosing a provider. i've done some research online and aussie seems to have the lowest rate going at the moment (9.99%), does anyone else know of other good deals on offer though? i don't want to commit just yet..is it better to stick with the big banks?
  8. syd_gal

    How your New Years?

    it's only been a week but i've already lost a kilo! so happy.
  9. syd_gal

    How your New Years?

    congrats, massy. cold turkey?
  10. syd_gal

    How your New Years?

    happy new year to all. my resolution is to lose weight, i'm already signed up with weight watchers. anyone had any experience with them? never tried them before.
  11. syd_gal

    Cassie Davis

    i got a kick out of the song and just wanted to share. plus, it looks like there is a sydney connection with the video clip as well. i am not advertising, ffs!
  12. syd_gal

    restaurant reviews

    well, sure. i tried to start a discussion about king st eateries but it didn't exactly take off!
  13. syd_gal

    Cassie Davis

    true, there are quite a few more hits on her myspace page, though.
  14. syd_gal

    Cassie Davis

    i've never heard her on the radio before but she seems to have a pretty big online following so it's only a matter of time i reckon. do you think this is filmed in sydney, mike?
  15. If you have any friends that run their own business or have a favourite tradie or café you want to talk up, you might want to review them on this new Aussie site here. plus they're giving away some cool stuff - ipods, iphones etc.

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