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  1. Lucy-lou

    What to bring?

    Hi island boo and welcome, i've been in sydney for 4 weeks and so far so good, and for the record you're able to buy packs of coathangers in kmart for $4.50! Any questions you have fire away, they're a friendly bunch on here. The best advice i can give is do as much research before you get here regarding areas etc or whether you're renting or buying etc. With regard to your dab radio i don't know but i don't see why it wouldn't work the tv's are digital and they sell dab radios!
  2. Hi, my husband me and two children arrived from the uk on 29th jan. We have been staying in temporary apartments in parramatta whilst we try and find a house to rent (easier said than done!!). My husbands boss has been paying for our accommodation and its paid until fri 14th i'm not sure he will continue to pay so we need to find some temporary accommodation by fri as this place is full at the weekend, any suggestions please? Many thanks:)
  3. Can anyone give any advice or know much about seven hills public school? Thank you:)
  4. Lucy-lou

    Car seats

    Hi me again Can anyone recommend the best place to buy carseats? Many thanks
  5. Thank you, we are currently at darling harbour we used our day pass and got on the bus after speaking to some friends of ours in perth who have just been to sydney! It's great here and kids having a whale of time in water park! :0) I will check out lunar park as i've heard that is good and also a trip to manly one day. Many thanks xx
  6. Hi We arrived in sydney on weds and are currently in temp accommodation in parramatta, are there any suggestions or recommendations of things to do? We've come into the city today on the ferry which was lovely and seen the opera house which led us into the botanical gardens, which although its all very pretty, it's also boring for the kids and just involves too much walking around. I feel gutted as we're not getting the most out of our visit and feel we should've planned it better, can anyone recommend where is a good starting point or the best wsy to see the sights? Many thanks xxx
  7. Lucy-lou

    How's your day been ?

    Hello everyone Well we finally had our visas approved yesterday, i'm so excited i'm going to pop:p Hoping to book our flights this week for 19th jan, we having the shipping people coming on 30th december with our new tenants moving in on the 1st jan - just need to find somewhere to live for 3 weeks before we leave! Really looking forward to our new adventure:) xx
  8. Lucy-lou

    Moving to Sydney in 90 days!

    Yes it was very tough and believe me if i could of afforded it i would have taken them with us (9 yrs old) but it would cost us £2,000 and we just can't afford that, plus they are very very timid and i think flying them over would've finished them off! If not the heat would xx
  9. Lucy-lou

    Moving to Sydney in 90 days!

    I think we just want to get there but next time we come back to the uk then we will go for a longer stop over so we can have a mooch and a rest like you said. I have the horrible job of taking my cats to their new home today, not looking forward to it:( x
  10. Lucy-lou

    Moving to Sydney in 90 days!

    Hiya, no it's only 1hr 45mins i've gone for the shortest stopover possible so no hanging around! x
  11. Lucy-lou

    Moving to Sydney in 90 days!

    hi there we are hoping to be flying out on 19th jan, just waiting for visas which should be anytime now, then i will be straight onto singapore airlines to book our flights!! my husband is a panel beater and has a job on a 457, we two children 4 & 7 so all excited.Not really sure where we will stay when we arrive whilst looking for a rental so any advice on that one greatfully received!! x
  12. Lucy-lou

    What to bring?

    ahhh ahhh thanks that is really helpful i think i might bring the white stuff and get new tv's when we're there, i can't be doing with the hassle of tuning in etc!! thank yo:joyful:u
  13. Lucy-lou

    What to bring?

    Hi guys We're due to be in Sydney just after xmas, beginning of January. I'm just trying to work out what to bring and what to leave. Is it worth bringing our Hotpoint fridge and freezer? Our 40" tv and our washing machine? I'm not sure if any of these things will even work over there and apart from the washing machine which is only just coming up to a year old everything else is 5 years old! Many thanks Cathy xx
  14. Lucy-lou


    wow thats bad isn't it! well the contract came through on friday, so have signed and sending back today then the migrant agent will be in touch to sort visas. dont worry we wont be selling anything until we have those visas in our grubby mits!! am in the middle of first day back at school, but will be back later as i have some general queries to post xxx
  15. Lucy-lou

    How's your day been ?

    p.s. how do i change my screen name? I don't like having my full name up there thanks xx

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