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  1. Sounds great, look forward to seeing photos.
  2. Kate

    Moving to Sydney in 90 days!

    We broke ours up, I think we had 8 hours in Singapore but we never left the airport we just booked the transit hotel and slept solid
  3. Kate

    Arriving in one week

    I guess you like it then lol.
  4. Kate

    Breaking a lease

    I would say go for it then, but maybe before you sign the contract on another just check what their policy is on a break lease
  5. Kate

    YHA Railway Square Sydney Backpackers

    I'm sure you will easily find friends
  6. Go and see Gravity it is good
  7. Kate

    Arriving in one week

    Franki how long have you lived in Australia?
  8. Never heard of mud run is it similar to stampede?
  9. Kate

    How's your day been ?

    Getting ready to head to the hospital. Spent the last few days sorting my boys out who have rented a house together
  10. Kate

    New in town

    I just don't understand why your IP address is Bulgaria and is in the spam directories. It seems like you are pulling our legs. I will take the links out for now until you prove otherwise
  11. Personally I couldn't live in the UK, hubby would go tomorrow. I know a lot of my sons friends have taken a gap year to travel around Europe. Then you have the Brits backpacking over here. I suppose its always the thought that the grass is always greener on the other side.
  12. Kate

    Cycling in Sydney

    I have split the cycling posts in to a thread of their own.
  13. Is public transport free on NYE like in Victoria? I guess accommodation is going to be totally booked out by now.

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