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    SNOW IN SYDNEY!!!!!!

    Spring storms in NSW brings snow, lightening and floods. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2792337/sydney-hit-raging-storms-spring-snowfall-flash-floods-sydney-airport-closed.html
  2. Metoo

    Making Friends (For Nigel!***) in Sydney.

    @[uSER=30170]Mary Rose[/uSER] Thank you for that, I do love to read you little muses. Ignore the spiteful posters on PIO, if they are short of friends then its no wonder with that sort of attitude. To be honest I am taking a break from PIO, certain posters tend to get on your nerves with their repetitive posts, pushing their own agenda. May even see you at the Strawberry Hills Hotel one of these fine days (if our house ever sells) though I'm not sure how much help we will be at the quiz, unless its a music quiz in which case my OH is excellent. Keep on keeping on Mary Rose, you sound like you are enjoying your life in Sydney. Best Wishes Metoo x
  3. Metoo

    How's your day been ?

    Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a good day. Here in the UK we have woken up to a glorious sunny day, the birds have been tweeting since 4am and kept me awake. Anyway, today is my day off and I am going to tackle the job of defrosting the freezer, which basically means, remove remaining food and place in Engel, switch off freezer, find book, settle into deck chair in a sunny spot and read for a couple of hours. Once defrosted, dry out using large towel and replace food. Job done, return to garden and finish reading book. Not a thrilling day as such, but, that's the kind of day I like. No pressure, no worries. Enjoy your day whatever you are doing Metoo x
  4. Metoo

    Spit to Manly Walk

    Thanks Northshorepom, that's really helpful, have saved the links to my 'things to do list'. Metoo x
  5. Metoo

    Spit to Manly Walk

    Oh wow, that sounds fantastic. Thank you for that and also the photos. You sound like you really know your way round Sydney. We will definitely do that walk when we get over there. (If the house ever sells lol) If you know any more nice walks, or interesting places please share. Thanks Metoo
  6. Take a look here http://sydneylakeside.com.au/category/specials/ Regards Metoo
  7. Metoo

    Moving back to Sydney and cannot wait!

    Thanks Baxtersinc, We are in the Midlands (Leicester) and heading for Sydney, Hills District. I agree, it is very exciting. We don't have any family in Sydney but we do have some good friends. We can't wait to book flights. Thanks for the good wishes xx
  8. Metoo

    Moving back to Sydney and cannot wait!

    Hello Baxtersinc, How fantastic for you both, I hope your wait for a visa is not too long. You are in a similar position to us, we will be moving to Sydney (myself and my Aussie partner) just as soon as the house sells. Good luck, and don't forget to enjoy your last Bitish summer. Best wishes Metoo x
  9. Metoo

    Hi from Scotland :)

    Ahh that's great, my partner lived near Manly for many years in fact he was born in Manly. He loved living there. I hope you get some good news soon regarding the job. Best wishes Metoo
  10. Metoo

    Hi from Scotland :)

    Hello Rossco, Welcome to the Sydney Forum. Do you know which part of Sydney you will be headed for? Metoo
  11. Metoo

    Morning all.

    Hello a slider, Welcome to the Sydney Forum. I hope you are settling in well. How long before your container is due? How are you managing without all your stuff in the mean time? Exciting times, I wish you and yours all the best for your new life in Sydney. Metoo
  12. Metoo

    Moving to Sydney in April

    Hello Andreos and welcome to the Sydney Forum. Congratulations on the PR visa. I hope you have a great flight and make lots of friends when you arrive in Sydney. I noticed you have posted on clairebears get together thread. Good luck, I hope you make some good mates soon. Metoo
  13. Hello Jay, I hope you have a successful meet up tomorrow. If we were in Sydney we would be coming for sure, unfortunately we are still in UK and will be going to a Live Down Under seminar in Birmingham instead. I wonder how many people will be there from Pomzinoz lol. Metoo x
  14. It's a hard life MR, mind you don't strain something lol
  15. Metoo

    SYDNEY ..useful links and information

    For information regarding everything you need to know about Sydney. Accommodation/days out/deals/destinations Look here http://www.sydney.com/events Very informative web site

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