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    Hi North Shore Pom Just wanted to say how helpful I find all your posts and to thank you for them! You're a mine of information and I"m sure many, many PIO members and lurkers look forward to your nuggets of wisdom! As for me, hello everyone, I've been mainly a lurker and occasional poster on PIO for about a year. Left the UK in December last year and arrived in Sydney at the end of March. It's been a steep learning curve! Currently living in the lower north shore but planning to move as soon as our 12 month lease is up. Am looking forward to seeing this forum developing into a really great place for both 'locals' and tourists
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    Just thought I would post a few photos ... Taken on our recent visit .... Please feel free to add your own images of Sydney ......
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    Tis the Anzac bridge.....lol @ that picture of Manly. All the engineer in me sees is "shockingly poor block paving"
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    Hi Billie, we are a little way into the process, I have currently been waiting for 10 weeks since my documents were received for a nurse skills assessment, then will have to go for registration, then visa application Eoi. You are right when you say you think and talk of nothing else at all, especially at first. Waiting is frustrating, I guess it helps to weed out those who are not in it for the long haul, as well as the costs. You might look at the visa thread on here too. We are in the same boat somewhat as we are not sure where we will end up, have looked at job opportunities in Melbourne and Sydney, but have only been to Sydney on holiday over Christmas to visit my sister, she is near to Manly, it is heaven, out 2 boys aged 6 and 8 loved every minute of being there, even though holidays are different it really cemented our idea to emigrate. Good luck. Paul
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    Will try and find some "less classic" shots...... One of the best pubs in town....the Australian Hotel in The Rocks View from Observatory Hill over North Sydney North Sydney swimming pool.....views to die for (that is what you think it is passing almost overhead) Sydney GPO, Martin Place Inside the Strand Arcade
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    Hello! We're moving out later this year as well. We've just been asked to book the medicals and request the police checks for the 186 visa but in case the visa doesn't come through in time, my husband's employer had us apply for 457 visa as well. That is sorted and we've an offer on the house so it's all go! What part of Sydney are you hoping to settle in? We're looking at the Eastern Suburbs, at least to start, because it will be very handy for my husbands job. I'm still job hunting.
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    Manly beach and I forget the name of the bridge, OH calls it the 'coat hanger' I'm sure somebody on here can remind me
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    On the Blue Mts train home at 5 08 just gone thru Auburn, next stop Strathfield. This is the "quality" train, fast, comfortable, (usually) free of graffiti & garbage. I got a "regular" train out to Penrith, which was clean - to be fair you often see travelling cleaners - but the windows had scratched graffiti on them. Noticed a few changes, more high rise apartments going up or finished at Harris Park/Parramatta. Parramatta is the geographical centre of Sydney so I suppose "the eastern suburbs" really start at Harris Park!? Got a feeling train stopped at Lidcombe because this is Strathfield now, platforms packed with people heading west. Any of these places are probably OK to live. Penrith has a good shopping centre and the homes are reasonably priced. No beaches handy but The Blue Mts are on yr doorstep. Can you "live the dream" without the beach? Going to movies tonight with Pauline meeting her at George St cinemas at 6pm - be a ten minute walk from Central I think. Could probably use my rail ticket to Town Hall though it says "Central." On it. $9 return to Penrith from City (including Central) but $4.40 to go around the City Circle from Central. 55km v 5 max (if u did The complete circle - Museum, St James, Circular Quay, Wynyard, Town Hall, Central.) The trains don't do a loop like the soon to RIP monorail. It is probably more like a letter "P" although North Shore trains just do Town Hall & Wynyard before heading over the Harbour Bridge & Eastern Subs go Town Hall & MMartin Place then to Bondi Jn. My God! I am an "ANORAK!"
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    All the mainland State capitals are big cities which spread out for miles. I think Adelaide is the smallest at close to a million and Sydney has well over four million people. Even if money was completely no object, I would be asking the same questions. Where are you going to be working. Do you want to be north or south of the harbour. It is just as nasty to be stuck in traffic jam in a Bentley! I think I read in paper that Cranbrook School in Rose Bay paid $15M for an adjacent mansion so they obviously charge plenty. (Could be $30K a year in Year 12? I see threads where two or three people are recommending the area where they live but they are all many miles apart and I don't know how a "New Chum" is supposed to make a choice!? See where you are going to work. How much can you afford? What is public transport like? Is it important to live by the beach?
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    Sometimes we have to just grab an opportunity ... We'd never been to Oz, always fancied visiting so the job opportunity opened up a brand new world. Good luck, enjoy it ... Lots of great people on here to advise you ....
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    It's always difficult to give specific advice on suburbs as IMO so much of it is about "feel" and that's very personal What drives choice for most people is budget first, then work (or where they are likely to be working) - therefore how much commuting they're prepared to put up with. That sets the parameters. Then it's about what's on peoples' personal preference lists like public transport, nightlife, leafiness, presence of local shops, importance of good schools, close to beach/water, etc etc etc Those are all suburbs on the Northern Beaches.....Freshwater/Queenscliff are the same place really, just north of Manly. Collary a bit further north past Dee Why. I love the beaches and would happily live there if commuting wasn't a criterion for me, BUT one of the best things for us about our move here is slashing the commute down from 75-90 mins e/w to about 20-30 mins. I wouldn't do anything to jeopardise that, and living anywhere on the beaches would have my commute back up to 45-70 mins and that's not for me If the commuting's not a problem then I think they're great places to live. Personally I'd favour Freshy/Queenscliff over Collaroy just because they're closer to Manly (and therefore nightlife/ferries to CBD) and handy for Warringah Mall......and because I don't like Dee Why much. Plenty do like Dee Why though, like I said it's all personal One good thing about the beaches is that you really don't need (or want) a swimming pool - no need, just go to the beach/rock baths. OTOH, none of it is cheap, but it's a different way of living. In more inland 'burbs like mine, people are looking for bigger houses/more space/garden/pool sort of thing. On the beaches (or in more inner city suburbs) it's much more about life outside your house/yard HTH a bit. Can try and answer specific questions if you have them but I'm not an expert on life on the beaches - Rupert is better placed
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    Had to take a photo of this pirate ship just off darling harbour yesterday Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Good maps Kate. Also try these for the way the "gross areas" tend to get described:
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    You'll love it, theres so much to do in sydney and the surrounding area something for everyone! and kate I'm going to be working at the royal hospital for women.
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    Loved the thought of getting mums together, something to keep in mind for the future, thanks for getting in touch. Really love the forum, have been looking through all sorts of stuff. Have to get more older folks on it, as you say there are plenty mums and dads visiting and staying for various amounts of time, so may be a little project when I get there later in the year. This has made be really more positive. Thanks guys. x
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    Hi Claire welcome to the forum. Good to have you here, don't forget to post and tell us what your life is like in Sydney. I would love to live around Darling Harbour if I didn't have kids
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    Yes, there are plenty of areas that you might think are a bit dodgy, depending on your PoV, although you always have to allow for the effects of snobbery in what people tell you (and, let's face it, racism isn't far from the surface sometimes either) If it's raw crime data you want then best go to the horse's mouth: http://www.bocsar.nsw.gov.au/lawlink/bocsar/ll_bocsar.nsf/vwFiles/NSWRecordedCrimeStatisticsMar2013.pdf/$file/NSWRecordedCrimeStatisticsMar2013.pdf Table 3.2B is a good starting point. Most people will say the worst areas are in the western suburbs - which accounts for large swathes of the city from (say) Auburn westwards really. But that's a very blunt description and of course there is large variation. Also personal preference/feel counts for an awful lot of what people say This isn't a particularly low crime city BTW. I have not been a victim of any crime (save a bit of road rage of which there is plenty) nor do I feel unsafe, but then I'm big and ugly enough to look after myself and grew up in a place most would think very rough and have lived in plenty more, so I'm not easily fazed by this sort of stuff. As with any large city, there are gangs, drugs etc I'm trying to be objective in this post. Might let the shield slip and be a bit less so if the conversation continues ;-)
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    We had a great time at the Powerhouse Museum and the water park - like most places we went to, we wish we could have gone back again. And can recommend the ice cream parlour opposite the water park - kids voted them the best ever...
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    For those near/in Sutherland Shire, there are two nice ones which we have used. The first is Mumtaz Mahal in Caringbah, and the second is Moksha in Jannali. Mumtaz Mahal do an absolutely beautiful fish pakora starter (I don't think it is on the menu so you have to ask for it) and I love the lamb badami from Moksha. We have never had a bad meal from either place. This is the recipe that I use for Rogan Josh http://www.route79.com/food/rogan-josh.htm
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    From my own experience of casual data entry work, I expect to get $21 plus per hour. "Casual" usually implies that the pay rate includes loading for sick and holiday pay. If you are on permanent staff, you may get lower rate but you will get holiday and sick pay. Most bar and restaurant staff are casual ( I think. I shall have to take on some onerous research in the pubs around me.) I am starting new casual job soon with $5 / hour extra to cover sick & holiday pay. Everybody gets paid super, whether casual or permanent.
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    Are you here now then Shoes? Checked out the QVB yet?
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    Thanks! It's kind of crazy. I've never been to Australia and had never thought of moving there until this job opportunity came up. My OH has been a couple of times and loved it. Sure,it'll be an adventure!
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